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facial balancing cleanser

4VOO  facial balancing cleanser is formulated to actively remove environmental contaminants, impurities, and surface skin oils that irritate and inflame a manís skin.

enhanced with calming natural plant extracts, anti-oxidants, and vitamin b5,  4VOO  facial balancing cleanser:

  • helps soften, sooth and protect the skin

  • cleans, leaving it refreshed and balanced

this product contains many botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and substances derived from natural sources.

the benefit of our ingredients to you are: 

  • algae - water-binding agents and antioxidants. algae contain proteins, vitamin A, sugar, starch, vitamin B1, iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and calcium.†

  • aloe vera extract - potent moisturizer, regenerates and heals 
  • chamomile extract - soothing and calming, gentle oil excellent for protecting dry skin
  • silk - the most treasured natural fiber. what makes silk unique is its ability to hold and release moisture depending on the temperature and humidity of the surroundings. the main component of natural silk is fibroin, an amphoteric colloid protein. silk powder is rich in silk amino acids, including alanine, glycine and serine, which are the building blocks of protein in the skin and are regarded as a part of the natural moisturizing factor. silk also contains anti-inflammation qualities. 

4VOO  facial balancing cleanser is a superior luxury product with a broad range of  quality active ingredients.  you will see and feel the difference the first time you use it. 


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