men's skin care:

super-restoring night formula

a revolution in men's skin care

4VOO uber TECH super-restoring night formula is high-performance luxury: the first anti-aging product developed exclusively for men!

uber TECH combines the best-kept secrets of science, technology, and nature to combat the signs of aging by working with testosterone to:

  • improves skin hydration in 30 minutes

  • reduces wrinkles overnight

  • boosts skin elasticity overnight

  • increases collagen production overnight

  • amplifies skin cell renewal process overnight

  • strengthens skin cell stress resistance

  • enhances protection of skin cell DNA

uber TECH’s four key ingredients contribute to its unsurpassed effectiveness:

hybridized peptides, platinum, stem cell technology, polarized water.

 hybridized peptides 
    the only product on the market containing hybridized peptides: reduces the negative effects of testosterone, dramatically increasing the synthesis of collagen I and II, visibly reducing wrinkles and preventing water loss.
platinum intelligent delivery system allows peptide selective activity. the same amount of peptides works longer and stronger. platinum technology gives incredible wrinkle reduction in half time than peptides without this technology.
 stem cell technology 
  stem cell technology: have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and transmit signals to activate skin stem cells and stimulate rapid proliferation. protects skin cell DNA, prevents UV damage, and increases skin’s resistance to stress. 
 polarized water 
  polarized water: allows for more effective absorption of hydration through skin cell membrane, for hydration on three levels.
silk: for added protection and moisture-retention.
plus: 4 vitamins and 15 natural extracts.

4VOO uber TECH super-restoring night formula is the first anti-aging product developed exclusively for men!

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