4VOO distinct man

repairing after shave balm

the best after shave
Instinct magazine grooming award winner

4VOO repairing after shave balm is an innovative and luxurious men's grooming product that:

  • reduces in-grown hairs

  • slows down hair growth

  • minimizes unpleasant sensation after shaving

  • rebuilds skin, reducing wrinkles

  • moisturizes and conditions skin

Total Price: $55.00

4VOO repairing after shave balm is a luxurious mens skin care product that calms, soothes and moisturizes. it is specifically formulated to relieve and protect skin from irritations that occur from shaving, and reduce annoying in-grown hairs. this award-winning product contains ingredients that target the root of the hair, giving you remarkable results:

  • hair growth is significantly decreased

  • need to shave dramatically reduced

4VOO repairing aftershave balm has a unique peptide formulation that works to protect your skin from the harshness of shaving:

  • prevents unpleasant sensation after shaving

  • reduces ingrown hairs

  • prevents formation of expression lines and wrinkles (anti-aging effect)

4VOO repairing after shave is light and fast absorbing. a distinct man must confront many irritations in his busy life; 4VOO repairing after shave balm ensures shaving isn't one of them.

your greatest challenge will be to keep
repairing after shave balm away from your partner!

complimentary gift of 4VOO ultimate shaving cream (30 ml)

special offer:  enjoy complimentary gift of 4VOO ultimate shaving cream (30 ml) with purchase of repairing after shave balm

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removes environmental contaminants, impurities and surface oils that irritate the skin

ultimate shaving cream

delivers the best shave with superior glide while protecting the skin from irritation and razor burn

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