4VOO distinct man

lash & brow styling glaze

make your eyes come alive

with 4VOO lash & brow styling glaze. add an attractive shimmer to enhance, or create a sensuousness that will captivate. 4VOO lash & brow styling glaze:

  • lengthens

  • thickens

  • controls

  • conditions

4VOO lash & brow styling glaze is offered in two colors: clear (translucent) and black.

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Total Price: $23.00

your eyes make your first impression for you - you use them to communicate, to show expression and occasionally, to seduce. 4VOO brings you our lash and brow styling glaze, your new secret weapon to a more alluring look.

more and more men are discovering the surprising results of 4VOO lash and brow styling glaze, giving you a new edge that you are bound love!

accentuate your eyes, giving the perfect finishing touch to your look. use 4VOO lash and brow styling gaze to:

  • lengthen, control, condition and thicken your eyebrows and lashes

  • shape and tame brows to better frame your eyes

  • naturally enhance your eye shape and colour

  • compliment facial features with well defined eyes

your eyes are the windows to your soul, donít you want them to look inviting? donít miss out on the compliments everyone else is getting, use 4VOO lash and brow styling glaze.

itís time to add a little seduction to your eyes, giving everyone a gaze they canít forget.

4VOO lash and brow styling glaze used by models

Hugh Ryan
Edge Boston

I have to admit, I was ready to make fun of this product as soon as I read the packaging Ė itís clear, for Godís sake! Whatís the point? Then I tried it. Strange as it may sound, clear mascara actually makes your eyes look MUCH better. Not only does it make your lashes thicker and more distinct, but there isnít the danger of rubbing your eyes and smearing mascara everywhere.

 For guys who are not used to wearing make-up, this can be a dead give-away that their ďinner beautyĒ came from a tube. This is definitely one I would buy. It fits all the mandates for menís cosmetics: it is invisible, easy to use, and makes you look damn good.

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