4VOO distinct man

lip maximizing serum

let your lips speak volumes!

4VOO lip maximizing serum is a luxurious lip enhancer for men, with a newly revolutionized formula that will leave you with even more incredible results

4VOO lip maximizing serum boosts the natural beauty of your lips by making them:

  • fuller, plumper

  • smoother

  • more sensuous

itís never been easier to have full, defined and sensual lips!


4VOO lip maximizing serum formula includes an enhanced delivery system for our exclusive peptide blend that:

  • stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to moisturize and create plump, smooth lips

  • has incredible restructuring properties that make your lips look fuller and the outline visibly clearer

  • counters the natural shrinking of our lips that occurs with age

  • conditions your lips to make them sinfully desirable

4VOO lip maximizing serum has an exclusive moisturization formula, allowing it to stay on your lips, even after drinking, and will keep them moisturized for longer. it is also formulated with improved spreadability, making it easier to apply, giving you that irresistible wet look, but never sticky finish.

unlike other skin care products that only put in a small amount of essential ingredients, 4VOO lip maximizing serum contains a concentration of specialty peptides that will give you plump, soft, youthfully supple lips.

4VOO lip maximizing serum comes in a luxurious upscale applicator. the metal click-pen is discreet and easy to carry wherever you go. and the brush applicator makes it simple to apply.

itís never been easier to have full, defined and sensual lips!

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