4VOO distinct man

energizing mask

pamper your skin with this at home spa treatment

4VOO energizing mask has been specifically formulated for a distinct man who values his appearance - this rich and luxurious product:

  • is infused with  essential oils, minerals, and vitamins

  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin

  • cleanses

  • tones

  • exfoliates

  • is quick and easy to use

  • contains state-of-the-art ingredients, including alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids

1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml

step 2 of 4VOO mirco-miracle duo exfoliation treatment

4VOO energizing mask makes looking good and feeling confident a sensuous experience!

4VOO energizing mask assists the natural renewal process, stimulating, purifying, and polishing the skin resulting in  immediate visible radiance and vitality.

4VOO energizing mask  cleanses, tones and exfoliates, acting as a chemical peel to give your skin polish and glow. it is a mens skin care product that assists in the natural renewal process of skin quickly - after only 10 minutes you will see immediate visible radiance and vitality.

the mask contains state-of-the-art ingredients, including alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids. these work to break bonds between epidermis cells, leaving you with healthier, younger looking skin.

the AHA in 4VOO energizing mask are derived from two natural ingredients sugar cane extract and sugar maple extract. in all, the mask contains over two dozen botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and substances derived from natural sources, including:

  • aloe vera extract, a potent moisturizer that regenerates and heals your skin

  • chamomile extract, useful for its soothing and calming effects on your skin

  • orange extract, which contains a high level of  vitamin C, used for its anti-free-radical, calming, softening and revitalizing properties

4VOO energizing mask is part two of our two-part rejuvenating micro-miracle duo skin treatment and is specifically designed to work together with our 4VOO deep exfoliating scrub to transform your skin, giving you smoother, softer, radiant skin everyone will notice.

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