4VOO ultimate shaving cream review

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4VOO ultimate shaving cream review by Antonio Gonzales   4VOO ultimate shaving cream review by Antonio Gonzales


Working in salons for the past 15 years, I’ve used many skincare lines and been exposed to many more. During those years, I have kept my eyes peeled for the latest and most affordable in men’s skincare. Guys, if you’re like me, you understand the importance of finding the best skincare at any cost.

Because I’ve never found a shaving product that actually made me look forward to shaving, I’ve decided to assume the role of human Guinea pig and do my own diligent research on the finest in shaving products. As with hair care, I can go both ways. Without further adieu, here are my recommendations – both organic and not so.


4VOO – distinct man


Men, the name says it all. This line is specifically made “4VOO” (“for vous” – for you in French). This well packaged and luxuriously rich shaving cream offers a great shave with maximum hydration. Its ingredients (incl. Babassu, Birch Bark Extract) aid in softening the beard; allowing you to get closer to the skin with a faster shave.

I liked the masculine smell and I also recommend using the repairing aftershave balm, which is another plus with this line – its supporting products also offer great comfort and pleasure. This is what they had to say for themselves:

4VOO ultimate shaving cream is the premier men’s shaving solution using only exclusive ingredients for ultimate results. Most shaving creams are laden with stearic acid, a thick, waxy substance that hinders the fluent shaving process. We believe waxing should be left for cars!”

Love it!

A successful hairstylist at Orl'o Salon in the Meatpacking District, Antonio has been featured in Allure magazine as one of the Best Hair Cuts in NYC" and named by Vogue as "...a rising star." Gotham magazine has labeled him a "shear genius."
Antonio enjoys taking part in NYC's Fashion Week each year together with his boss and mentor Orlando Pita. He has been featured as a guest expert on radio and is a guest writer for several online beauty sites.