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Descending from a long line of European aristocracy, Marek Hewryk was raised with a deep-seeded appreciation of luxury, sophistication and the allure of exclusivity. His grandfather was a chemist and his mother a biologist - both educated at Europe's oldest and most revered schools - respectively, Marek studied medicine in similar fashion.

Marek dreamt of creating a unique and magnificent formula, and forging for himself a legacy worthy of his family's dignified name. He left his home to discover Europe with his own eyes. Charmed with a cultural wanderlust, his journeys led him across the ocean, to North America. There, he completed a degree in applied chemistry and biology and began working in a world-renowned research lab. Marek gained incredible new insight working with venerable professors and famed scientists on the frontier of scientific exploration.

Honing the skills he needed to pursue his dream, Marek excelled as a scientist. Combining his passions with the vast body of knowledge he'd collected from the world, he created extraordinary formulas capable of restoring youthful vitality to men's skin. Applying his natural aptitude, Marek fathered an unprecedented skin care range that still exists as the leading luxury treatment available for men. 

Marek's opulent taste and growing reputation quickly brought many royalties, celebrities and executives as loyal clientele. A unique blend of chemist and artisan, Marek privately formulated highly exclusive customized products for select clients. Crafted with his precise expertise and housing the most luxurious ingredients he personally selected from the finest sources in the world, these mysterious and reticent rarities are only known to a reserved few. The name Marek Hewryk quickly became synonymous with luxury, indulgence and desire.

Reserved exclusively for the most distinct man, and fused with his natural aptitude for science, his impeccable taste, and luxurious touch, he now offers something that far surpasses a skin care treatment. 4VOO® formulas lavishly indulge men with a luxurious skin care experience - unlike any other they've encountered before.

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