multi-peptide formulations a breakthrough in skin care.

dipeptide-2, pentapeptide-3, tetrapeptide-7, hexapeptide-3, oligopeptide

multi-peptides in 4VOO men's skin care products

These revolutionary ingredients:

  • reverse the aging process by stimulating natural biological processes
  • regenerate the upper layers of the skin
  • significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • work gently to create smoother, softer skin

peptides are manmade proteins. they stimulate collagen production and stimulate the synthesis of other important compounds in the skin.
why is this important?

skin becomes thinner as we age - as much as 6% thinner each year. part of the reason for this is a flattening of what is known as the sinusoidal dermo-epidermal interface - a layer between the epidermis (the top layer of your skin) and the dermis (the layer below). this layer is primarily made up of collagen, in particular, collagen IV and collagen VII.
as the sinusoidal dermo-epidermal interface thins over time, it becomes more difficult for nutrients to pass from the dermis to the epidermis, affecting the appearance of the skin.

another important factor in skin is the glycan network. this is a gel-like network that can be thought of as your skin's "fountain" of youth. It contains a circulating matrix of water, water-soluble compounds (including hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water) and ions. the glycan network is what gives your skin its elasticity and makes it look full and rich.

scientific studies have shown that multi-peptide formulations had significant effects on the sinusoidal dermo-epidermal interface layer, collagen production and the glycan network. In all, multi-peptide formulation stimulated:

  • overall collagen synthesis by 30% to 117%
  • collagen IV synthesis by 100% to 327%
  • hyaluronic acid synthesis by 267%

when looking visually at skin improvement, research on multi-peptides showed the following results :

  • reduced deep wrinkles by 60%
  • reduced moderate wrinkles by 57%
  • reduced mean density of wrinkled area by 51%
  • reduced skin roughness by 17%

the overall results?
a dramatic reduction of wrinkle quantity and depth, combined with smoother, suppler skin.

better than botox®, arch-rival of retinol

botox® is one of the most common cosmetic treatments done today in north america. while no cosmetic product currently on the market can give you the instant results of a botox® injection, multi-peptide formulations still are better than botox® for many reasons.


 Botox® MPF
  • requires the injection of a neurotoxin into body
  • potential side effects ranging from flu-like symptoms to drooping eyelids
  • effects of shot reduces over time and need to be repeated about every 4 months
  • very expensive, at $400 to $600 per injection
  • requires an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon or other professional
  • requires no painful injections
  • no side effects
  • produces a gradual, continual effect with use
  • significantly less expensive
  • easily used by you in the comfort of your home

clinical research presented at the 20th world congress of dermatology has shown multi-peptides to be superior to retinol. multi-peptide formulations:

  • reduced deep wrinkles and roughness as well as did retinol
  • thickened skin 1.5 times faster than retinol
  • did not cause the skin inflammation often seen with retinol use

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