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4VOO review in GQ

4VOO review by Jamie Millar

4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex review in GQ If you want the anti-ageing effects of Botox without the risk factor or embarrassing loss of facial expressions, then 4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex could be, well, for vous. This latest percutaneous miracle-worker comes from Canadian brand 4VOO Distinct Man, whose products can be found on the shelves of such distinguished men as Tom Hanks and Matthew McConaughey.

Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex claims to be the most luxurious anti-ageing product on the men's market (read: most expensive, at £101 a pop) and mimics the effects of Botox through a silk protein complex, multi-peptides and other cosmeceutical alchemy. The benefits for your face are three-fold: wrinkles and fine lines are banished, collagen production is stimulated to rejuvenate your visage and new skin is encouraged to grow. GQ.COM's newly fresh-faced tester reported that, while suspiciously easily absorbed, 4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex did as it said on the tin, thickening the skin under the eyes and removing the less cavernous worry lines. All this and no need for a needle.