4VOO reviews | MCV Australia: 4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex

4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex review in MCV magazine

A beauty range for men, designed by men 

The range is specifically made for the discerning Australian male that has an eye on value, and an eye on beauty. When 4VOO first landed on shelves, we tried and tested the Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex. It was so refined, and left us so impressed; we put in an order for more. What’s more, before trying the product, we had little interest in maintaining a daily beauty regime. Not anymore. 4VOO has made us think otherwise, and there’s dozens of celebrities that think that way about 4VOO too. 4VOO's website features testimonies from celebrities, actors, and models that have all converted to dedicated 4VOO customers. The site also showcases the entire range of products available to the discerning male who wants value for money.

"The market isn’t just about women anymore. Men want to look and feel younger, too "more so now than ever." says Marek Hewryk, President of 4VOO, said at brand’s Australian launch in March. "So that’s exactly what we’re bringing to the market with this product, and we’re very excited about it. Men today are searching for an anti-aging solution, but there are also a lot of concerns about the side effects of Botox injections. Well, what we’ve done here with our exclusive formulation is preserve the benefits and eliminate those concerns. No injections are required, there are no side effects, and we use only state-of-the-art ingredients."

Overseas, the range is available in up market stores of the likes of Harrods, London, or Galleries-Lafayett in France. The range is now available in Australia through selected boutique outlets. You can find stockists at 4VOO's website, or order directly online. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, 4VOO's Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex is a good place to begin. But you can check out the entire range of 4VOO products.