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Karl Lagerfeld
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J Leno uses 4VOO shine reduction powder
Jared Leto loves 4VOO
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Stefano Gabbana likes 4VOO

Stefano Gabbana
Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce are one of the most powerful and influential designers of our time. Their clients include some of the best dressed people in the world, such as the Beckhams, Madonna and Sophia Loren.  Dolce and Gabbana  are mostly concerned with creating the best, most flattering clothes and sparkling trends.

They have become one of the world's most successful ready-to-wear companies and are considered Hollywood's number one choice of designer. Stefano Gabbana loves 4VOO's quality and look. Stefano discovered 4VOO line in Italy, in his hometown, Milan.

Stefano Gabbana uses 4VOO
Julian Gil uses 4VOO

Julian Gil
Puerto Rican actor, model, and entertainer Julian Elias Gil Beltran knows the demands that can be placed on a celebrity's skin.
Born in Argentina, Julian got his start in magazines and on the catwalks in Latin America before transitioning into acting. He has appeared in numerous theatre production, films, and television shows, and is currently based in Miami, Florida. 

To keep his skin flawless, both on and off camera, Julian relies on his favorite 4VOO products, ultra-intensive age defying complexrejuvenating under eye gelconfidence corrector and shine reduction powder.
Known for his charisma, Julian attributes his vivaciousness and radiant glow to his skin care routine. "Acting is about conveying emotions, feelings, and messages. My face is the medium through which my art is expressed. 4VOO's products help me keep my canvas fresh and flawless."

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Asher Levine

Asher Levine
NYC-based designer Asher Levine made a name for himself with his line of uber-sexy spandex and gym wear designed to enhance every man's workout experience. Since then Levine's designer vision has evolved into a cutting-edge Menswear collections and several custom creations for Lady Gaga (including the outfit for Rolling Stones magazine).
4VOO was a part of his recently launched Fall collection, which he said was inspired by atomic fusion and the human centipede.

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Rick Campanelli

Rick Campanelli
Rick Campanelli spent nearly 10 years with the "nation's music station" and became one of Much's most popular VJs. Building on his strong rapport with viewers, he move from MuchMusic to Entertainment Tonight Canada. He is one of the country's most recognized faces in entertainment reporting, and a favourite with celebrities and fans alike.

Tony Bennett told Rick the story of how Bob Hope gave him his stage name, while Eva Longoria solicited Rick's impeccable decorating advice while on the red carpet. Nelly Furtado has even called Rick her favourite television reporter.
"I absolutely LOVE 4VOO products - been using them non-stop! The packing is so slick! "

Jai Rodriguez

Jai Rodriguez
Jai Rodriguez is no stranger to the well-informed man. He is best known for his role as the "Culture Vulture" on the hit TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but Jai is a versatile performer, equally at home with acting, singing and dancing.

He received considerable acclaim for his performance as Angel in the Broadway musical Rent and just appeared off Broadway in the lead role of Zanna Don't. His recently released single "Love is Good" has received rave reviews, and we eagerly await his debut album.

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Allan Wu

Allan Wu
Allan Wu is a Singapore-based Chinese-American actor, model, and MTV Asia VJ who is recognized by many people as the host of the Asian version of The Amazing Race. Blessed with a great physique; he had a stint as a model for the Ford agency. He graced the front cover of many magazines including two issues of "Men's Health". Allan's name is frequently present on the lists of the most beautiful people.
"I really like this brand. The 4VOO skincare products have been working very well!"

Steve Kemble

Steve Kemble
Steve Kemble has been the magic behind countless international events for more than 20 years. From celebrating the accomplishments of NFL players to organizing parties for two US Presidents and countless celebrities such as Paula Abdul and Destiny's Child, he has orchestrated a wide array of high profile events to create an unforgettable affair each time he is called upon. From custom grilled mini-burgers at his soiree for the Dallas Cowboys featuring a performance by Patti Labelle to extravagant entertainment by Donna Summer at the ultimate disco inferno, Steve's exciting events leave party guests praying that they'll be invited to the next one! Steve's creative ideas, attention to detail and outgoing personality have also lead to segments and appearances on the CBS Early Show, E! Entertainment's Countdown to the Oscars, In the Loop with iVillage, Good Morning Texas, Good Day Dallas- and many more!

"This product is amazing - simply fabulous! I seriously have baby soft skin again. I travel almost constantly and work extremely long hours - 4VOO products keep me feeling fresh, smooth and my absolute best! With daily use, I can tape television appearances (such as my most recent, WE tv's Platinum Weddings and Married By The In-Laws) knowing that my complexion will appear simply flawless on screen!"

Kevin Lin

Kevin Lin
Kevin Lin started his career as a super model in the Asian fashion world, and quickly became recognized for not only his stunning good looks, but for his movie star charisma and acting talent. Today, he is a well know Taiwanese celebrity.
Kevin believes 4VOO has made a noticeable improvement in his skin quality, and has added a new vitality to his appearance. Kevin says, "I love every product in the 4VOO line! My absolute favorite are two fantastic products that give me remarkable results, they are 4VOO silk-enriched shine reduction powder, and 4VOO uber TECH lift serum".

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Arthur Scappaticci

Arthur Scappaticci
Arthur Scappaticci is a San Francisco-based actor and singer.  He has appeared in numerous films, radio and television commercials, and print, in Europe and the U.S.
"I spend a lot of money on skin care products. My bathroom cabinet is lined with expensive, unused treatments and lotions from leading commercial companies like Clarins, Clinique and Prescriptives. Typically, I'll use them a few times but am invariably disappointed in the promises they make. I recently discovered 4VOO, and I am delighted with the results. I am an immediate fan of the repairing after shave balm. Not only is it soothing and moisturizing and prevents in-grown hairs, but it contains anti-aging ingredients that really seem to work. The scent is light and masculine. The uberTECH serum rejuvenates my skin when it looks tired and feels dull. The lip protector doesn't dry out the lips like other lip balms and I love the sexy flavor! In the short time I have been using 4VOO products, I have noticed better skin tone, fewer lines and a firmer, more youthful appearance. I can't wait to try the rest of the line. Using 4VOO is like having your own luxurious spa treatments without leaving your home."

Ken Kostick

Ken Kostick
- one of Canada's best known television personalities. Former co-host of "What's for Dinner", and host of a new daily series "Ken Kostick and Company", author of many best-selling cookbooks.
"Over the years I have been using many different lines of skin care for men. I have tried 4VOO and I love their products. 4VOO addresses the problem, and it hydrates my skin without build-up. My favourites are the facial balancing cleanser, uberTECH seum, rejuvenating under eye gel and maximum renewal moisturizer. I use the shine reduction powder when on television, and it eliminates shine altogether. I fully recommend 4VOO - you will not be disappointed."

Jeric See

Jeric See
- Singapore's hairstyling icon, a well-known trendsetter and dynamic leader in the industry. Jeric Salon is renowned for incorporating the latest cutting techniques into today's fashion and treating one's hair only with the finest and exclusive products. Much sought after by celebrities, music entertainers and designer hosues for concerts, tv shows ans fashion events, earning recognition as a cut above the rest.
"It smells so good. I particularly like the scent of 4VOO products. The texture feels so good too. It makes me look forward to my daily cleansing routine.
Even the women around me think it smells so nice!"

Farouk Chekoufi

Farouk Chekoufi
"It was a delight to come across 4VOO during a Fashion shoot three years ago. I was seduced by the concept, packaging and product. Paris Planetfashion was born in Paris, the fashion Captial of the world. 4VOO refelcts the luxury life style our magazine portrays. 4VOO's entire range of highly performance products protects me from the start of an intensive day in Paris's fashion world through the last flute of champagne in Saint Germain. With 4VOO the face looks healthy and radiant shining like the glitter of Eiffel tower in the Paris skyline. We love the ultra sexy brand 4VOO."

Rick Miller

Rick Miller
Rick Miller is an award-winning actor, comedian and playwright, and is one of North America's most-popular performers. Rick was trained in Montreal as an architect, actor, and singer, and has performed in three languages on four continents. He is the creator of the worldwide smash MacHomer, and co-creator of the award-winning Bigger Than Jesus. Rick Miller received a 4VOO gift basket at the 28th annual Dora awards..."

Hossan Leon

Hossan Leon
Hossan Leong is one of Singapore's most popular and successful television and theatre actors, working constantly and earning an impressive array of awards and reviews.
"I love 4VOO facial balancing cleanser and 4VOO's eye gel is great!"

Austin Groppe

Austin Groppe
Austin is no stranger to both stage and photos. He started his career in front of the camera as a model and quickly realized that his dream was that of a singer and performer. Being on stage and performing would be nothing without the right look. He was able to find 4VOO and has never turned back. Being able to transform his look depending on the arena was very easy with the wide array of products available to the 4VOO customer. As Austin currently works on his new studio album, he is at easy with his look thanks no no small part to 4VOO and the ultra intensive age-defying complex.
"I am working on my first studio album and will be doing a shoot for the cover. So I have to look my best.
Your line surpasses any line on the market by far and I should know because I have tried a lot of lines such as studio5ive, kenmen , and Fontana Contarini Uomo to name a few. "

Marcin Pasternak

Marcin Pasternak
Mr. Poland 2008

As a man under the spotlight, Marcin Pasternak, needs to maintain a quality skincare regime to look his best.
"I was so pleased to discover 4VOO. 4VOO made a huge impression on me after using the facial balancing cleanser. It left my skin exceptionally clean and feeling refreshed."
Marcin noticed several improvements by trying many other 4VOO products. With very sensitive skin, he observed a marked reduction in skin irritation after applying 4VOO repairing after shave balm. "For me, shaving has always been a problem. After using the repairing after shave balm, I find my sensitive skin feels much better."
Marcin's busy and active lifestyle places a premium on maintaining healthy, youthful looking eyes. "Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me a lot of time to sleep. Puffy eyes has always been challenging for me. 4VOO rejuvenating under eye gel has been a great help in combating that."
"My favorite product is the maximum renewal moisturizer, which I apply routinely in the morning and evening. I love the fact that it is fast absorbing with luxurious moisturizing without any shininess. Shine is a big concern for men, especially someone in my position."
"I'm very happy I was able to find this fantastic product line. I highly recommend it for every man who likes quality products. I'm confident any man who tries 4VOO products will become fans for a long time."

Michael Ain

Michael Ain
Director of Marketing & Sales - Priape

"Traveling frequently between Australia and Canada, I get hit with the harsh weather variations from dry desserts to cold blizzards - and my skin takes a beating. I am thankful for 4VOO accomplished line of skin care products which help me to refresh, clean up, and get back to feeling human again."

David Scott Bartky

David Scott Bartky
David Scott Bartky, is a mens grooming expert and the author of the #1 selling e-book for men called "Grooming Secrets For Men" (found at www.thestylishman.com). The information in his e-book has been helping men all over the world look their personal best!

"4VOO is an excellent product line that enhances the natural beauty in any man. As a model and professional dancer I am always exposed to the public and try to keep an immaculate and flawless complexion. By using 4VOO products it has kept my self confidence intact by improving my skin and giving me that extra natural glow while working with extremely large audiences. It's incredible, and I would recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a confidence boost. Now I can show up to any event knowing that I will look my best thanks to 4VOO."

Gerry King

Gerry King
model, dancer

"4VOO is an excellent product line that enhances the natural beauty in any man. As a model and professional dancer I am always exposed to the public and try to keep an immaculate and flawless complexion. By using 4VOO products it has kept my self confidence intact by improving my skin and giving me that extra natural glow while working with extremely large audiences. It's incredible, and I would recommend this product to anyone who is in need of a confidence boost. Now I can show up to any event knowing that I will look my best thanks to 4VOO."

Jeremy Chase

Jeremy Chase
anchor / production coordinator, Naked News Daily Male

"Any man who spends time in front of a camera knows the importance of always looking your best, without looking made-up. The 4VOO product line gives me the natural-looking coverage that products designed for women never could. When I want a sun-kissed look, I rely on the face & body bronzer. On a daily basis, I am never too far from my shine reduction powder!"

Stuart Stone

Stuart Stone
Emmy and Cleo Award winning casting director.
Stuart Stone has cast thousands of actors who have since found stardom. With his unique sense of style and ability to connect with actors, Stuart has directed them in a manner that brings out their best performances.

"Thank you so much for your 4VOO products! I had to write you as soon as I was done using them. I found that I'm not a person who normally uses after shave, but I found your product to be one I really enjoyed. I used the eye gel, and it was by far the most amazing under eye product I have used. It made a huge difference on the area under my eyes, making it look tighter and younger. Your line rocks some of the products I suggest in the US. Keep up the good work!"

Gilberto Prioste

Gilberto Prioste
celebrity photographer
"The 4VOO products are excellent quality.
They leave my face clean, refreshed and very hydrated.
The uber TECH eye complex works wonders at getting rid of those dark circles!
Look at me now - big improvement - thanks 4VOO!"

Tym Roders

Tym Roders
Mr. Priape Wear International

"4VOO, in my opinion, is by far the best skin care line out there. I've tried everything for my problematic skin, from Proactive to Accutane. The difference I found with 4VOO is that it leaves my skin feeling clean and balanced, not stripped or tight like many other cleansers and products on the market. My skin has a healthy glow and a reduced incidence of breakouts because of 4VOO's gentle yet effective cleansing action."

Alec Wesley

Alec Wesley
with the UN collation out in (the hottest part of) Africa

"I am simply in love with 4VOO products, I spend the past six months in the arid 130 degree daily temperatures which did nothing but wreak havoc on my skin. I looked aged, haggard, and discontented. 4VOO facial balancing cleanser, maximum renewal moisturizer, and lip serum have been the turning point of my life.
I just got back from holiday and 4VOO completely made it possible because it made me back into myself again.
Thank You So Much, now back to the military life..."

Jason Chow

Jason Chow
As a member of an international modeling agency, Jason Chow knows all too well which makeup and skin care products leave him looking and feeling like a million bucks. You could have seen Jason's pictures in "Cosmopolitan", "In Style" and many others.

"4VOO skin care and makeup products are among the best on the market. I have used plenty and these get my personal five star rating!".

Darren Royea

Darren Royea
As the founder and President of GLBT Commerce Inc, Darren Royea is a successful entrepreneur in a variety of industries. Acting as the Executive Director and editor of prideconnex.com, he is also a licensed mortgage consultant who has been ranked among the top twenty in Canada for volume production. Darren's active lifestyle and continued success are putting him in front of prominent Canadian business people, as he continues to radically alter what service, quality, and creativity mean in the traditional business place.
"Having always been a fan of skin care, I had yet to find one comprehensive product line that would meet all of my needs plus provide great value along the way. Although I'm new to 4VOO, the more I explore the products I am finding that it cares for me and my skin, I'm noticing dramatic improvements, always having fun, and constantly feeling fabulous!"

Charles Baker

Charles Baker
Charles Baker from Tupelo, Mississippi is an executive assistant for a consulting company which keeps him very busy, and on the go.

"Being that I travel a lot, I do not have a whole lot of time for skin care. Stress also does not help the matter. The 4VOO products are so easy to use, take very little time, and provide exceptional results. I also wish to point out that I seriously doubt that anyone will find a company that can come close to providing the customer support that 4VOO provides.

OUTSTANDING! That is what I think of the 4VOO products. I have tried just about all skin care products for men and I feel that 4VOO is hands down the best. My favorite products are the facial balancing cleanser, the deep exfoliation scrub and of course the dynamic lift treatment. I look forward to future products from 4VOO."

Benson Evans

Benson Evans
Palm Springs, California
Vice-President of Marketing for PNN , and host of the TV show 10@20

"The packaging is nothing less than superb and the products leave me speechless. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. The bronzer is translucent and I love it...I threw out my Ralph Lauren. The "Corrector" perfectly matched my skin color and really hides my dark circles. I love the eyebrow enhancer - having very little of my own I was able to correct that defect easily. The shine reduction powder is perfect for my oily skin, and I like the mascara because it doesn't look as though I've used any - it's so natural! I use the cleanser to clean my skin before bed and then use the under eye gel - its clear and its great! I can't wait to get up in the morning and face the world with my new and improved look!

Thank you for the excitement of these marvelous masculine products!"

Wallace Wilhoit Jr.

Wallace Wilhoit Jr.
Brooklyn, New York
Performing Artist and creator of the musical "Songs My Voice Teacher Won't Let Me Sing!"

"I just wanted you to know that I began my regimen and I have to tell you that I do feel a difference after using your products for only a few days. The balancing cleanser and the after shave balm application after shaving is the best feeling ever! When I look in the mirror, and maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I could swear I see a slight difference already. I have gotten a couple of comments on how good I look, and I thank you again for your excellent product and your personal touches. It's the little things that make your product special.

I'm attending my 40th High School reunion in July, and I intend to be the youngest looking one there! I'm looking forward to using 4VOO consistently and I will be placing another order very soon."

Matt Groves

Matt Groves
Look out Hollywood! An aspiring young actor and model, Matt portrays the epitome of today's sassy and fabulous youth. 

"The moment I got my hands (or should I say lips) on 4VOO's lip serum, I ditched my standard lip gloss. It makes my lips so attractive, the compliments never stop! For those days when I'm running on 3 or 4 hours sleep, the 4VOO confidence corrector completely hides those unsightly dark circles under my eyes."

Steven Bracewell

Steven Bracewell
Retired Location Sales Manager 
Live Oak, Florida

"I wanted to thank 4VOO for producing such a fantastic skincare line for men. Over the years I have tried almost every skincare product for men available and have found that 4VOO products are superior in every way, I especially like the bronzer and shimmer tint, topped off with the translucent powder. I have found that these products give the most natural look of a healthy tan without the of risk sun damage, something I'm quite concerned about now that I'm over 40, or consuming valuable time by visiting tanning salons.

I have received numerous compliments from my friends, my family and even complete strangers since I have started using your products. Everyone wants to know my secret for such a youthful, healthy and rested appearance. I'm almost hesitant to reveal my secret, but I find that I can't help spreading the word to other men of how wonderful 4VOO products are, most especially the bronzer and the sheer tint.

I now use all of the 4VOO skincare line and just wanted to let you know that along with superior products and customer service you have won a customer for life."

James Lee

James Lee
Kenosha, Wisconsin

"The 4VOO products I use are the serum (which is nice for the winter time but I use it all the time) and the facial balancing cleanser because I have oily skin and want a fresh clean feel to my face. These products are great for me and I like to have my male friends try them when they come over. I especially like the 4VOO packaging, clean, simple and masculine.

I wish you the best!"

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I like your products. I've suffered many ups and downs with my skin since a teenager and I have tried so many different products on the market including Clinique For Men, Christopher Hanlon, Clarins For Men, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot, Yonka Paris, Ultraceauticals and even Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear and Clearasil. I am 31 and I really want to be 'in front of the 8 ball' when it comes to anti-ageing. The 4VOO products are by far the best I have tried so far. I have had people compliment me on how radiant and clear my skin looks and this is only after using your products for a week! Its great and I so glad I discovered them. Hopefully they will keep my skin and check for a long time. 
Thanks so much!

Ben, Sydney, Australia

I have always used very good products on my face and body, so I thought. I was paying enough and purchasing from the better stores so I felt I was getting a good product. Recently I was getting extremely red blotchy areas on the sides of my neck. So I went to the counter of the products I had been using for so many years and was given a cream that was supposed to reduce the problem but it did not work. Then I found 4VOO.
Absolutely, without a doubt, the best products on the market. I used the 4VOO products necessary for my shaving regiment to include Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex and the red blotchy areas are now gone. Not only that, but my skin looks great -- wrinkles fading, much more even skin tone, dark circles under my eyes have faded, the best shave I have ever got in my life, my face is so soft yet feels strong, and the thing that completely astounded me is the puffiness under my eyes are no longer visible. I can go on and on about the miracles of 4VOO products because I am convinced that whatever the problem 4VOO will work to correct it/them. I want to say here that I am not a young guy. I am over 50 years old and 4VOO is working this well on my skin. I am so happy for the day I found a 4VOO product being praised in a magazine I was reading. Thank you for a product that does what it says it
will do. You have me as a customer for life.

Frederick Hamad, Revere, MA

I love dynamic lift treatment so much...I finally figure out how to use it properly...I have lost 60 pounds but I had a double chin... I been using this product for 3 days a lot and has seem dramatic results! One more bottle of this and my neck and face will be chisled! My friends are saving I look so much toner since I been using this product...I just love it

Andrew Simms, Linden, NJ

The new shaving cream is the best yet and I am going to recommend it to all my clients at my gym as I do the for rest of your great products.

Patrick, NJ

Wow! This stuff is unreal!! I've recently purchased the Dynamic lift and the eye serum, and couldn't believe the difference..! I'm 30 years old and have always looked after my skin, since using 4voo i cant believe the difference in my skin. i look and feel younger again. cant wait to try more products... KEEP IT UP GUYS!!

Clint, CA

I just love your products. I wasn't told that I was handsome this much when I was much younger. Thank you for also uplifting my ego.

Fred, MS

Discovering your products has been a true blessing, it's about time male beauty is recognized. Thank-you !

Johnathon Yassanye, Lakewood, OH

4VOO Maximum Renewal Moisturizer is the BEST moisturizer I have EVER used. It made my skin look perfect.

Paul Fears, New York, NY

I bought Confidence Corrector Shine Reduction Powder this stuff is amazing. I'm Professional Actor so I constantly need this to look great for auditions. Going to buy more these, makes me feel good. I got a free sample with my purchase of the dynamic lift WOW!! It feels wonderful, I can buy the whole store. Thank you 4VOO keep making this I'll BUY again & again.

John, Phoenix, AZ

What a great line of products! My skin has never felt and looked so great.

Tom Kenny, Chicago, IL

I just purchased silk-enriched face and body bronzer and I'm very happy!! Most amazing product I have ever used!! I was wondering if it can be used with the silk enriched tinted shimmer? Or would it be to much of a dark tan? 
Would it look natural? Thanks for the great product!

Joe V, Cohoes, NY

I recently ordered your maximizing lip serum and have come to love it. It adds the right amount gloss, that's not over powering. And, thank you for the wonderful samples you included. You have a client for life.

Marc-Teric Johnson, Long Beach, CA

I just bought the confidence corrector and I love it!!!!  It sure helps out for those crazy party weekends, it covers my dark circles and looks like I  just had a good night sleep!!! I bought correctors at various department stores and they look so caked on my skin, this one makes your skin look very natural. I will now only buy from 4VOO!

Don, San Francisco, CA

I just started using silk enriched shine reduction powder. It is great. No shine, brightens my skin antioxidants. and sunscreen, and you cannot even notice it, who could ask for more. I cannot wait to try 4VOO's other products.

Michael, New York, NY

Fantastic products! I have been using the 4VOO line for the last couple months and there is a dramatic change in my skin. My skin is now clear, smooth, and has a even tone. My family, co-workers, and friends are all complementing my healthy skin. Theses products are the best! Every man should keep their corrector, shine reduction powder, lip serum, and lip protector by their side for that all day fresh well kept looked.


Jason, USA

I am an avid user of many of your products and I would like to thank you on my last order. I am an owner of a gym in New Jersey and all my clients and customers have seen a difference in my skin and I tell everyone about the products and you have not disappointed any of my clients. 

Patrick Buonocore , NY

Wow, thank you very much. I really love your products, from the packaging to the actual results. In my experience with other skin care lines, yours is second to none.

Charlie Webster, Fallbrook , CA

I just started using 4VOO distinct man and I'm already in love with the product line! Since my early twenties, I've been absolutely unable to rid myself of three or four positively relentless blemishes on my forehead. While they were nothing major, they did leave me feeling unattractive and self-conscious. Every skin treatment I tried was a complete failure and all the dermatologists I talked to were less than helpful. I had tried several women's cosmetics to try to conceal the blemishes - but all of them left me looking like I was wearing makeup. 4VOO is GREAT. I've been using the Confidence Corrector and the Shine Reduction Powder and I feel like I've never looked better. The products are subtle, lightweight, and have great staying power! I also purchased the Lip Serum and the Lash & Brow Styling Glaze and I love what they do for my look. I don't think I've ever felt this confident about my appearance. THANK YOU 4VOO!

Bob, Princeton, NJ

I've been using 4VOO products now for quite some time now. My absolute favorite is the facial balancing cleanser. Once applied, the initial sent is so refreshing I wish it would last forever... I love it. Another of my favorites is the after shave balm. When I apply this product, and you only need a small amount it is so concentrated, it restores my skin to a youthful glow...my skin looks and feels like new. I highly recommend 4VOO products!

Rod  B., Oakville, Canada

I purchased a bunch of your products in NY. I want you to know that I love them and have just put in for a new order. I love the eye gel and the moisturizer very much. Both work very well, and as someone who has used various facial products for years, I've never used any that work as well as yours. However, my favorite is the dynamic lift treatment. It is unbelievable! I also have the mask, but I haven't used it yet... too lazy I guess. But I promise I'll give it a try.

Sam Lancaster, Washington, DC

I stare at a computer screen all day and I rub my eyes allot. I have used very expensive eye creams over the years, and I found that they all caused me great irritation. What I like about this eye gel is that it is light. I don't get the same irritation and to my surprise, I have also noticed a decrease in the lines around my eyes - this is a first!

John Goodham, New York, NY

A few months ago I was shaving at my Club and the gentleman next to me was using your shaving balm, and I asked him about it. He told me he had a problem with shaving bumps and said your product was the best thing on the market. I have the same problem, so I thought I would give your product a try. I was very impressed, and my razor bumps have almost disappeared. 

Albert M., Chicago, IL

I have been using 4VOO after shave balm for over 3 months. My wife cannot keep away from me. She loves the subtle sexy fragrance. The balm soothes my skin, leaving it moisturized and fresh. It's a great way to start my day. Have fun! Give it a try!

K. Baltzer, Toronto, Canada

I am one of those people who are slightly overweight and I have a shinny face. Unfortunately it gets worse with stress, and the warm weather kills me. I am a salesman and I was always embarrassed when I made a call. I was sure the customer thought I was sweating, and that is not a good thing for a salesperson! A friend told me to try your product because it was exactly for guys like me, and I did. Nobody knows I have it on, and it takes the shine completely away. Its great, I use it everyday.

Robert Land, Fort Lauderdale, FL

My husband has been using your entire line and raves about it. He has always used good skin care products, so I thought I would try it even though you say it's for men. In the past I have used, Khiel, Shiseido, and Valmont. 4VOO is FABULOUS! The great thing is that it costs a fraction of what I was paying before. The Scrub, Mask, Treatment, Eye Gel, and Cleanser are the best. I just love them. The product containers/dispensers are amazing the feel of the product is how you describe it -- luxurious. My face has never looked better.


Joanne McLean, Toronto, Canada

I work full time, have three children, and I have just started a part time MBA program. I would go to work with bags under my eyes and people would comment on how tired I looked. I actually think people believed I was ill. Anyway, I saw the product and it said it hides dark circles so I thought I would give it a try. Well it hides the circles so well that people are saying how much better I look, even rested! I only wish it were true. At lease people don't take a step back when they talk with me now. Thanks guys!

Sean G., Philadelphia, PA

The 4VOO products I use are the dynamic lift treatment (which is nice for the winter time but I use it all the time) and the facial balancing cleanser because I have oily skin and want a fresh clean feel to my face. These products are great for me and I like to have my male friends try them when they come over. I especially like the 4VOO packaging, clean, simple and masculine.

Jorge, Osaka, Japan

Thanks for the 4VOO line.
I liked it. Simple fragrance, not over the top. Nice packaging!
The product line has a clean green/cucumber type of fragrance. The lift felt great. The cream was pleasant, not greasy. 
All in all I enjoyed the product very much.

Mike, Toronto, Canada

4VOO is an absolutely fabulous cosmetic line! I am using shine reduction powder since yesterday and my skin is so smooth and never shiny! And the best thing about this powder is that nobody have seen that I have some makeup on my skin, it looks so natural ! I will certainly try the skincare line soon. Thanks a lot to 4VOO for taking care of men's skin, and
in a very luxurious way!

Josh, USA

I have been using 4VOO dynamic lift treatment for about 2 months. During this time I had several compliments on the youthfulness of my appearance. The treatment glides on easily, smells delicious and firms my skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight.

Sandra, Scarborough, Canada

I'm 60 and started using your products only because a friend of mine let me try them. After about 2 weeks my friends started questioning my age. I never really talked about how old I was. When I told them how old I was they didn't believe me. They all thought I was around 42 because I always kept my body in tip top shape but mostly they noticed how young my skin looked [no wrinkles] and my face was so smooth looking. Thanks so much.

Dave, USA

Dear Gentlemen:

I understand a lid color is now available or on the horizon for the sophisticated man. I wanted a comment about this product for myself as well as for the legions of us who want to look our best without appearing flamboyant; just that little touch of color to elevate our natural look to supernatural. Thanks for you advances in men's cosmetics.
Yours truly,

Donald Murrell, Augusta, GA

Wow! This stuff is unreal!! I've recently purchased the dynamic lift and the eye gel, and couldn't believe the difference..! I'm 30 years old and have always looked after my skin, since using 4voo I cant believe the difference in my skin. I look and feel younger again. Cant wait to try more products...


Clint, USA