4VOO distinct man

silk-enriched shine reduction powder

  • eliminates shine

  • absorbs excess oil which can cause undesired shine

  • made with pure silk, chamomile, grape seed extract, vitamin A, C, and E

  • translucent – can be used on any skin tone type

  • has natural sun protection and anti-inflammation qualities

4VOO  shine reduction powder provides an invisible edge necessary for today's distinct man to look his best.


4VOO silk-enriched shine reduction powder is a premium translucent enhancement product specifically developed for men to eliminate undesirable shine caused by oily skin surfaces. this ultra-sheer powder leaves the skin smooth and refined.

pure silk allows this powder to blend easily with all skin tones for a clean, natural finish. silk, chamomile, and grape seed extract have natural sun protection and anti-inflammation properties that effectively help sun damaged skin, acne, and other skin problems.

4VOO shine reduction powder  is a translucent pressed powder and will not add color to your complexion.  4VOO  shine reduction powder helps absorb excess oil and produces a natural shine free appearance to the skin. the powder provides an invisible edge to ensure that you will always look your best.

confident men don't sweat and 4VOO shine reduction powder helps you appear that way.


"Capitalizing on the skin-enhancing effects of silk, the Shine Reduction Powder was our immediate favorite. This oil-free powder gives skin a flawless, matte finish by getting rid of shine and oil and minimizing the appearance of pores without drying skin out. Silk allows moisture to be controlled based on the surrounding temperature and humidity, creating a clear, clean look with natural sun protection and anti-inflammation qualities."

4VOO shine reduction powder  recommended by press
4VOO shine reduction powder presented on J Leno show

by John J. Robinson  (Nashville, TN United States) - posted on Amazon

WHY I BOUGHT THIS: I was searching for some simple face powder because my forehead near my hairline seemed really reflective and shiny... sort of out of sync with the rest of my face. No, no, no, no.... not make-up! Powder! Really, I'm a man for crying out loud... make-up? Pfft!

WHY I WAS SKEPTICAL: Well, this thing sort of looks like make-up. And it's made by a company called "4VOO". When I say that name out loud I am imagining an effeminate Frenchman, complete with a frilly get-up and pencil thin moustache, offering me a plethora of flowery perfumes and beauty-enhancing make-up products. "It's for voo Monsieur."

DID IT WORK?: Ok, let's get to the point: it works. In fact, it works very well. There is a slight tint to the product, but it goes on invisible after blending with the provided sponge applicator. Sure, if you really laid this stuff on thick it could probably be detected, but normal use will smooth the appearance of the skin and take out the shine. My skin is very fair, and it works well.

I might also add that this item was really packaged and presented well. It's obvious that 4VOO cares about the product they are selling. They even list all ingredients on their website, so if you're concerned about toxins you can check it out yourself. Most of the ingredients are all natural.

So if you will excuse me, I must go powder my nose.

by ibizaspain
posted on reviewstrem.com

I kept on searching for new men’s cosmetic brands online and one of the interesting brands I have discovered and tried is 4VOO. I have never heard of this brand but when I checked them online, magazines and beauty editors speak highly of it so I gave it a try. The brand is famous in the US, UK and some part of Northern America. The product is a face powder. This is quite unusual for men to use this and I rarely see somebody use it.

I am using it because I had oily skin. I have this problem with my skin ever since. Even if I will use non-oily substance for my moisturizer, when the temperature becomes so humid, my face always transforms into a slippery surface. I wanted to use a face powder to minimize shine. This product is contained in a container similar to Maybelline’s or Clinique however, its casing is discreet because it is silver. It comes with a powder puff.

The first thing I appreciate about this product is the color of the powder. It claims it has a translucent shade which is very true. The color of the powder when you look at it is pale, almost barely nude. I wanted this to subside naturally when I apply it because it is too distracting if people will notice that I am using face powder on my face. After a minute, the powder feels like nothing on my face, it is not obvious nor it showed any color. This is the good thing about the shade because when the brand guaranteed it has a translucent hue, it really is. So men in general will not be worried about this. I also like that this can improve the texture of the face, at least during the time when you are wearing it. Right after it is absorbed, your face will look like it has no pores at all. Very smooth and young looking.

I have to applaud this brand too for creating a product which has the best ingredients for nurturing your face. This has chamomile, grape seed extract, Vitamins C, E and A and made from silk. I like that there is a proactive use of natural skin-caring ingredients. This is the best way to know whether this product is safe for the skin or not. I also like that the most common skin-nurturing Vitamins–C, E and A are present. No wonder this did not cause any zits in my face. This also has sun protection which makes the ingredients complete.

For me though, the best test I can give a face powder is on its ability to control shine. This is the main reason why I used this. I wanted a product to diminish oil in my face. What I noticed was how this was developed to make the texture of your skin velvety and it can maintain that for hours. I never have to deal with too much shine in my face since I started using this.

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