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4VOO enhancing eyeliner

accentuate your eyes and make them the focus of attention with 4VOO enhancing eyeliner

4VOO enhancing eyeliner will be a staple in your cosmetic routine once you see the way a subtly defined eye transforms your face. 4VOO enhancing eyeliner for men:

  • defines the unique shape of your eyes

  • enhances your eye color

  • creates the illusion of thicker eyelashes

4VOO enhancing eyeliner is offered in two colors: black and brown



it is soft and gentle to apply, water-proof, and provides complete coverage in a single application.4VOO enhancing eyeliner is a premium quality cosmetic product for men. it comes in a sleek automatic pencil that never needs sharpening and has its very own smudging brush.

using 4VOO enhancing eyeliner will accentuate your eyes, giving you the illusion of thicker eyelashes, and enhancing your natural eye colour.

give your eyes the sultry definition that will make your gaze unforgettable.

play up those eyes and seduce them with your stare!

4VOO enhancing eyeliner


for optimum results when using 4VOO enhancing eyeliner, follow these application directions and tips:

  • looking down into a mirror, apply a fine line of 4VOO enhancing eyeliner on the lower eyelid starting from the outside of the eye and move inwards - if your skin is pulling, you can tighten it by gently holding the skin at the corner of your eye

  • apply the line three quarters of the way and as close to the eyelash as you can

  • smudge with the attached sponge to soften the line

  • apply a fine line on the upper eyelid starting from the inside of the eye and move outward - draw the line as close to the eyelash as you can and smudge to soften

  • apply only a fine line - too much 4VOO enhancing eyeliner will make your eyes look hard, whereas a light line will define your eyes and enhance the color

  • use 4VOO enhancing eyeliner in brown, for a more subtle definition, or if you have a fair complexion

  • use 4VOO enhancing eyeliner in black for an sexy, edgier look at night

4VOO enhancing eyeliner


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4VOO enhancing eyeliner


Hugh RyanHugh Ryan, Edge Boston contributor: "Maybe I watch too many 80s movies, but I have to admit I have a thing for guys in eyeliner. It just makes men look sexier, giving them that dark, brooding look. As far as eyeliners go, 4VOO enhancing eyeliner is a good product. It goes on easily and doesn’t smear. However, if you think this is going to go unnoticed in your office, you’ve obviously been smoking crack. If you’re going to wear eyeliner, flaunt it miss thing. (...)
Overall, the message of men’s cosmetics is that it is finally time for men to be allowed to experiment with their appearance a little more."

Nathan JohnsonNathan Johnson, celebrity makeup artist: "A word of wisdom, applying eyeliner for the first time can be tricky. If your hand is shaky, or you blink like a mad man, just be patient, with a little practice it will be second nature.

…extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the eye. Wings do not look good on men.
…use colors other than black or brown.
… apply thick eyeliner to small or close-set eyes. It will make them appear even smaller.
…over blend on the lower lash line if you have dark circles. Pulling your eyeliner too far onto the skin will make them look worse.
…circle the entire eye with dark color. It creates an eyeglass-style circle, which results in them looking small and beady."

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