shape and shine nail set

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4VOO shape and shine nail set

the 4VOO shape and shine nail set:

  • quickly shapes your finger nails

  • produces a remarkable natural shine – without chemicals or polishes

  • gives your nails a perfect manicured look every time

your hands express who you really are. whether you want to create a professional image for work, boost your personal confidence or just impress socially, well-manicured nails ensure your hands communicate the message you desire.

let your hands express who you really are!

4VOO shape and shine nail set

how to use it:

shape - nail file

shape your fingernails using the white surface of the nail file, and carefully finish using the grey surface. use long continuous strokes in one direction, from the sides of your nail to its center, to shape and finish each nail. avoid using a sawing back-and-forth motion when shaping your nails.

shine – nail shiner

smooth the top of each nail using the dark grey surface of the nail shiner, then polish to a natural lustre with the white surface. when polishing your nails, move the length of the nail shiner quickly back and forth over the top of each nail- like a shoe shine for your fingertips. smooth only monthly, shine as desired.


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