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deep exfoliation scrub

treat yourself to the benefits of a microdermabrasion treatment

4VOO deep exfoliation scrub is a highly effective and selectively aggressive cleansing scrub that combines spherical mineral particles with plant and marine extracts to remove excess oil, environmental contaminates, and dead cells without damaging sensitive new skin

this luxurious product is formulated to give you smoother skin, a younger appearance and immediate radiance through these benefits:

  • reduces visible signs of aging

  • revitalizes skin

  • moisturizes

  • stimulates skin renewal by accelerating the natural exfoliation process

  • designed to mirror the exfoliation qualities of a microdermabrasion treatment

1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml

4VOO deep exfoliation scrub is highly effective and selectively aggressive, as it works on your skin as a physical peel. like a microdermabrasion treatment, it uses spherical crystals to exfoliate the skin.

two sizes of these spherical crystals are used;

  • the larger crystals are what you can feel on your fingertips as you apply the scrub, and they gently whisk away dead skin cells, making skin smoother

  • the smaller crystals work at a deeper level, removing the skin cells, dirt and bacteria that clog pores and cause blackheads and blemishes

the exfoliating crystals used in 4VOO deep exfoliation scrub make it superior to other men’s skin care products on the market. the crystals in deep exfoliation scrub:

  • are aluminum oxide – the same compound used by dermatologists when providing an in-office microdermabrasion treatment

  • are perfectly spherical, providing an effective, but gentle exfoliation process – unlike other scrub particles, which are mechanically crushed and have rough, jagged edges

in addition, deep exfoliation scrub contains plant and marine extracts, which remove excess oil and environmental contaminants, and soothing extracts like chamomile and cucumber that soothe and pamper the skin. dead cells are whisked away without causing damage.

this exclusive formula is expertly designed to mimic the effects of a microdermabrasion treatment, with countless benefits to your skin:

  • accelerates natural exfoliation process, stimulating skin renewal, leaving you with smoother, softer, revitalized skin

  • reduces visible signs of aging, leaving you with rejuvenated, younger looking, radiant complexion

4VOO deep exfoliation scrub is part one of our two-part rejuvenating micro-miracle duo skin treatment and is specifically designed to work together with our 4VOO energizing mask to transform your skin, giving you the smoother, softer, radiant skin everyone will notice.

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