4VOO distinct man

ultimate shaving cream

experience the ultimate men’s shaving cream

an exclusive breakthrough in shaving for today’s distinct man®, 4VOO introduces the ultimate shaving cream, a luxurious shaving experience.
4VOO ultimate shaving cream is formulated to deliver the best shave, specifically designed to:

  • give the perfect glide with each stroke

  • soften the hair for a smooth, close, comfortable shave

  • protect against potential cuts, burns, and skin irritations

  • hydrate, protect, and replenish skin with unique silk protein complex

  • moisturize and rejuvenate without oily residue

5 fl. oz.

this exclusive deluxe formulation provides ultimate performance while producing the comfort and gentle shaving experience today’s sophisticated man requires. your skin will feel soft and smooth with no irritation, you will feel the difference with your first shave.

4VOO ultimate shaving cream is truly the luxury shaving experience.

what does the ultimate shaving cream do?

an exclusive formulation for today's distinct man, 4VOO ultimate shaving cream delivers:

perfect glide

4VOO ultimate shaving cream provides perfect glide with each stroke of the razor. an exclusive blend of natural extracts, including birch bark extract and babassu oil, softens the hair to perfectly minimize the number of strokes for a premium shaving experience.

incredibly close shave

with its patented softening effect of the hair, 4V00 ultimate shaving cream ensures each shave is incredibly close and smooth right down to the skin. stubble is virtually eliminated.

protection against cuts, burns, and skin irritation

our exclusive formulation of luxurious silk and soothing extracts, such as aloe vera, chamomile, and calendula guard against skin damage and promote skin healing from any potential cuts or burns.

moisturizing effect

a specialized blend of silk and babassu oil help regulate skin dryness by maintaining a delicate balance of sebum production in the skin. your skin will look and feel replenished and hydrated, essential for the clean and healthy look every distinct man desires.

ultimate luxury and performance

4VOO ultimate shaving cream is the premier men’s shaving solution using only exclusive ingredients for ultimate results. most shaving creams are laden with stearic acid, a thick, waxy substance that hinders the fluent shaving process. we believe waxing should be left for cars! rich with luxurious ingredients, 4V00 ultimate shaving cream delivers a delightful shaving experience for men.

treat yourself to ultimate shaving luxury and performance.

Antonio Gonzales

Antonio Gonzales review

Men, the name says it all. This line is specifically made “4VOO” (“for vous” – for you in French). This well packaged and luxuriously rich shaving cream offers a great shave with maximum hydration. Its ingredients (incl. Babassu, Birch Bark Extract) aid in softening the beard; allowing you to get closer to the skin with a faster shave.

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