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Julián Gil

Puerto Rican actor, model, and entertainer Julián Elías Gil Beltrán knows the demands that can be placed on a celebrity’s skin: he broke the world record for the most consecutive hours on live TV in 2004 when on air for 37 hours straight. “When you’re on the air for that long, there’s no time for touch-ups and no room for imperfections,” says Julián.

Born in Argentina, Julián got his start in magazines and on the catwalks in Latin America before transitioning into acting. He has appeared in numerous theatre production, films, and television shows, and is currently based in Miami, Florida. A Latin icon whose heart is as big as his talent, Julián donated a portion of the proceeds from his ultra-sexy and slightly controversial 2011 calendar to fund breast cancer screenings. 

To keep his skin flawless, both on and off camera, Julián relies on his favorite 4VOO products, ultra-intensive age defying complex, rejuvenating under eye gel, confidence corrector and shine reduction powder. “Baggy eyes, dark circles, shine, and blemishes are unacceptable in a business where you need to put your best face forward. I need to look fresh-faced and alert, no matter how long the shoot or how many takes are needed.”

Known for his charisma, Julián attributes his vivaciousness and radiant glow to his skin care routine. “Acting is about conveying emotions, feelings, and messages. My face is the medium through which my art is expressed. 4VOO’s products help me keep my canvas fresh and flawless.”

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