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4VOO review - celebrity Kevin Lim

Kevin Lin started his career as a super model in the Asian fashion world, and quickly became recognized for not only his stunning good looks, but for his movie star charisma and acting talent. 

Kevin's acting career began with the popular Taiwanese television show '90sí, and later stared in the hugely successful "Youth has no regret". Kevin went on to star in the very successful films, "Hyaline", "Warring States", "Yunnan Story", and "Mirror", to name but a few.

Kevin Linís universal appeal has both a physical and spiritual component, which is as unique and distinct as Kevin himself. Although he is one of the most successful actors of his generation, Kevin has shouldered his fame with a wisdom and maturity that invites respect and admiration from enthusiasts of all ages. The way he wears his success, with grace and comfort, makes him more of a celebrity than the movies he stars in say fans.

Kevin Lin knows the importance of looking his very best at all times, and in searching the world over for a skin care and cosmetic line to give him the leading edge and keep him on top, Kevin chose 4VOO. Kevin says, ďI love every product in the 4VOO line! My absolute  favorite are two fantastic products that give me remarkable results, they are 4VOO silk-enriched shine reduction powder, and 4VOO uberTECH instant lift seumĒ. 

Kevin believes 4VOO has made a noticeable improvement in his skin quality, and has added a new vitality to his appearance. In his final words to us Kevin stated, ďI would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at 4VOO, thank you very muchĒ!

No wonder everyone loves Kevin!



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